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      There was a time when I sought to leave this world and for a while I did, fleeing the poisonous rune it made of my life...

      ...but the power of this world has pulled me back in. The evil, the poison with-in shall not be quickly cured.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Farewell for Now


Farewell for awhile my world. It is with neglect I leave thee and wish for a better parting. But last is life and to this a farewell indeed.


Posted by Ravon @ 1:48 PM

Monday, December 28, 2009



Here are the updates that will be added this week...

- Kasa of the Raj-in is now blessable with a Clothing Bless Deed
- People who use Hiding skill will be put in peace mode
- Various fixes about plantgrowing:--> Seeds no longer have range or LOS checks.--> When clicking on the water button on the plant gump it attempts to find water in your backpack first and if it doesn't it will give you a target instead.--> Changed some old SVN messages that were using strings to use cliloc data instead.
- Player vendors will say the name of the buyer
- Books in bookshelves are now accessible to be read. They can't be taken away unless by using Stealing Skill- Paragon metal chests now are turnable by using the Interior Decorator
- Runebooks can't be picked up if opened
- Runebook default location now is displayed as a red dot- Hit Life Leech now works in PvP
- Summoned Daemon now has the proper bodyvalue (AoS+) and effect
- Two new house signs are added
- Changes to Satyrs and Dryads:--> Dryads:----> they do area peace----> can partially undress males----> have chance to drop peculiar or fragrant (not yet implemented) seeds--> Satyrs:----> their karma is neutral----> can peace combatants----> can provoke nearby creatures to the combatant----> can undress females----> can discord combatants--> Both: can drop spellweaving scrolls
- Added Auto Arrow Recovery feature (SE+)
- Added Scrolls of Transcendence and Scrolls of Alacrity. Scrolls of Transcendence, togheter with 105 Powerscrolls, will spawn while doing champion spawns.
- Rune Beetle Armor Corruption now works properly
- the Animal Trainer now will say only "Your pet has been stabled" when you stable a pet (won't affect Pre-AoS)
- Acid elementals now use the proper poison level, and are vulnerable to elemental slayers. When animated, they turn in wraith or banshee
- You can't drop items on the same tile a mobile (PC or NPC) is
- the Embrace Honor virtue ability now works as per OSI
- Woodland Belts now are dyable
- You can combine folded cloth and bottle of liquor to make firebombs
- SoS now are not anymore facet specific, as per OSI

Posted by Ravon @ 11:48 PM

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life Returns to An Nox


The poison within has returned as An Nox gets a fresh breath of life. The time to build on what has lived for years is now upon us all.

Gather your warriors, mages, and rogues as it is now time to vanquish the evil within our work.


Posted by Ravon @ 9:57 AM

Posted by Ravon @ 9:56 AM

Posted by Ravon @ 9:56 AM

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